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The training everyday …

The time change makes everything just not easier. Today it is already at 17 33 clock so far that I see a beautiful sunset. I long for the time only to have the summer time in the country (fingers crossed). Apart from the darkness that drives me into despair at the moment.

Do I have to take more breaks as I had hoped? Even through cycling, there is no regeneration. I usually take breaks too late and therefore usually have 2 days running break at a time. Which I balance with a long walk and yoga attempts. To improve my TOF (time on feet) a bit I work standing up at the desk. Thankfully, I can do that because I work from home. Thus, stability exercises are possible under the work and and and. What bothers me a lot and is also a serious signal of my body. My rest pulse has gone up slightly. Only a few BPM, so nothing dramatic but still a sign of overtraining. Although I also allow my HRV value in the morning and evening fair to a targeted training (this is followed by a blog post ). 

In addition, I am more irritated react according to my fellow man ^ _ ^. Hopefully this will come with better weather again: – *

All in all, however, I come to my intended 12 hours of training a week. However, the 12 hours are inclusive of yoga. Training plan is “regular” as following. On listless days I swap but also time running with road bike or mountain bike or yet again run a trail, etc. Main thing I come to my TOF.

Training this week consisted of the following training sessions (Without heart rate – zones to be followed, Run for Fun)

Monday – rest day with hiking and yoga

Tuesday – 1:30 running – Trail

Wednesday – 2:00 Mountain Biking 0:40 Yoga

Thursday – 2:30 running / jogging trail

Friday – 2:30 running / jogging trail

Saturday – 0:40 Yoga

Sunday – 2:30 running / jogging trail


I’ll have to see how my body behaves at this new training load. Above all, I am personally worried. The emerging upcoming autumn in which I need to adjust or reduce asthma training due to lack of oxygen concentration in the misty air. An absolute disadvantage of my residential area known for fog.  


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