What is ABC Watch?!

What is an ABC pm ?!


An A – B Altimeter – Barometer C – Compass watch is usually found in outdoor areas because of the important function of the altimeter, barometer and compass . Very common are ABC watches in mountain sports.

These 3 Important instruments can be cost position, altitude and weather determine and calculate. Actually heard such ABC clock in every mountaineer budget!

Today, however, you can still find numerous ABC watches are likely the most manufacturers already on GPS put in the watch and thus ABCG clocks Manufacture. However, they are usually a multi-sport watches offered. 


However, currently has (as of 2017) should note that watches obviously not the biggest and best GPS receivers have built. The is battery power even borderline to Terrible.


In the book Mountain weather is at all possible methods of weather analysis

Equipment received, including their advantages and disadvantages .

The right analysis of the values ​​!!! 

Clear purchase recommendation.



And one of the best GPS watches (multisport watches) should come the moment of Suunto

and carries the name AMBIT3 PEAK. This is a fabulous GPS Battery Power of 200 hours.





The barometric altimeter

A barometric altitude measurement is carried out by means of the pressure prevailing at the measurement location air pressure ↗ .

Mountaineering, hiking, orienteering

Altimeter used are aneroid barometer ↗ , which takes the air pressure, height above sea level ↗ View. Most of the hand makes one revolution per 1000 m; The Km value appears in a small window (typical range 5 or 8 km). The accuracy is 2-20 meters if a correct output level or the pressure was adjusted at sea level.

An altimeter is adjusted only at the start of the tour to the correct height – deviation should not be corrected on the basis of height information (map, guide, GPS, etc.) go. If one impresses the deviations, the altimeter works both as a barometer: Is the altimeter at too great a height, has fallen since the beginning of the route, the air pressure, which may indicate an upcoming weather deterioration. An apparent “rise” of 100 height differences corresponds approximately to a decrease in air pressure of 12 hPa ↗ and 12 mbar.

Digital Altimeter

Digital altimeter additionally indicate differences in height, maximum values or the timing of the passage of different heights. For an accurate digital altimeter, a calibrated and temperature compensated pressure sensor is used. Typically, these sensors offer a suitable data interface. The accuracy good barometric sensors is less than 1 m (at sea level). The GPS ↗ can also be used as an altimeter.


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