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Dream big! Run 100 miles

Dream big! Run 100 miles


The testimony of athletes and successful individuals who are or have been successful. Who never stopped chasing a dream and ultimately succeeded. I have such a goal now. No putty download ↗ puttygen ↗ , it probably will not be a contest. Only a big, larger target. After switching my run to neutral shoes and barefoot shoes last year (vibram fivefingers). Thus, my running style is now absolutely trained on forefoot and metatarsus. That does not hurt anymore. Can I stretch longer and stretch hard without knee pain.

As it happens …  I am fine and therefore I am dreaming again.  I want to know what it’s like to do “100 trail miles” (160 km). *** A magical number is the “100 Miles” *** and a very very ambitious goal; I know. In Germany it is still an elitist group that runs this number more often, however, one goes to the United States of America, it is a very well-known project. In this country you would probably have to refer to Joey Kelley to make it clear.

Actually, my preference is the vertical run and cross country. Uphill is just passionate, with a clear goal and high effort. Unfortunately, I can not go to the Alps every week to pursue this passion. Thus, my activities remain at road bike, mountain bike and trail running.

The ultralight should be but one of the challenge in which one goes to his absolute physical performance limit. This is exactly what I want to know and want to know. The ups and downs of mental stress your own performance … Does the head or not.

It already happened that I cried at the foot of the mountain, solo – descent – unknown terrain and was so happy to be down again. This is a reminder I will never forget. Such situations and experiences are unique and make a person.  Dream Big 100 Miles … Now it’s time to relax Vo2Max increase, run, cycle, train and not get tense.

For starters, it is now 12 hours a week to train and stay healthy. The hardest time will probably be the winter. I’m really looking forward to it.  From January February, it will probably be 15 hours a week.

Let’s see how I deal with a training plan. Usually I train according to my mood. ? I will keep you up to date. Under this link you will find all articles about my first 100 miles / 160 km run and the preparation.  If you have tips for training or running yourself, feel free to leave a comment.


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