The Koenigssee – Hike on the Koenigssee

The quiet Königsee

It is 8 o’clock in the morning. Low clouds hang in the Berchtesgaden Alps. Light snowdrift. It’s a weather that does not let many people out the door. However, this is exactly the weather to visit overcrowded places, quiet and with a mystical mood.

I can only recommend to everyone before the ship times to look at the Koenigssee. The tourist buses drive the Koenigssee pretty much at the departure times of the boat trip to St. Bartholomew. Anyone who knows the Königssee from summer or holidays will have a completely different picture in mind. Tourists jostle on the bank of the Königsee. Ships put on and off. A hustle and bustle I do not search in the Alps and also shun.

Exactly the opposite one experiences just when you get up early PuTTY SSH tunnel VNC ↗ , before the first departure times of the Bavarian boat trip to the Königssee. I can only recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity and is not on the turbulent tourism.

Just a time to enjoy!

Even the crossing to St. Bartholomew is not a hectic affair. Just hire and wait for a ship. No crowd and no push. The ships to St. Bartholomä are still fully occupied. The only drawback in winter is: The ice cape on the Watzmann east face is not visible. The ice chapel on the Königssee is unfortunately covered by snow in winter and the way to the ice chapel, from the warning sign, is only recommended in good conditions.


Hiking and hiking on the Königssee

Circular walk around the Königssee with a view from the Malerwinkel

In summer and winter we recommend a hike to the Malerwinkel on Königsee on a visit to the Königsee. The Malerwinkel Rundweg is a very easy hiking trail for alpine conditions. The path runs left to the boathouses on Königssee over to the Malerwinkel on Königssee and ends at the Jennerbahn. The trail is well signposted throughout. Please do not follow any narrow paths if you go on the circular trail! The paths of the circular walk on the Königssee are gravelly and easy to do! 

The Königssee Rundwanderweg has a length of 3.8 km with a climb of 171 vertical meters and this 171 vertical meters it goes down again.  





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