Suunto Ambit3 The most important settings for peak, Vertical, sports and Run

Suunto Ambit3 The most important settings for peak, Vertical, sports and Run


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Suunto Ambit3 settings and Review 



Suunto Ambit3: connect to the smartphone manufacturing – Movescount App

Turn on the Bluetooth function of your smartphone

Install the Movescount app and call them on

In the upper right edge on the clock icon.

Now press on your Ambit3 the

Next Button – Hold – until the Option menu is called

Navigate to CONNECT – MobileApp – With App Connect

Then enter in the smartphone one that appears on the clock number

The connection should now be made. Turn on your Bluetooth before opening the Movescount App.


Suunto Ambit3: Personal setting

Click in Movescount app on your profile picture now to access the personal settings. They do not take settings to country, date of birth, gender, description, website, body mass (You’ll also find the pulse value input, it is important for the correct calculation of the data in activities) , activities (Here you choose their standard activities), cards 

These settings synchronize themselves automatically on the next synchronization with the clock.



Suunto Ambit3: Activity Start

Press the Start / Stop by one-time press (not hold) . Then navigate to the menu item exercising . Here choose their of activity . Depending on the activity heart rate transmitter and GPS to search. The activity will not be loaded until the start activity, press the start / stop button.

pause activity

The activity they could by pushing the start / stop button to pause and restart.

A round Add

With started activity the Back / Lap button press

Exit activity

Pause the activity. Then press the Back / Lap button to the activity to exit.

Then you are asked whether you want to save this activity discard.

After saving them, all data on the activity shown on the clock display again.

By long pressing the Start / Stop button, you can stop their activity. Here, however, the activity is immediately stored.


Suunto Ambit3 heart rate sensor couple (Suunto Smart Sensor)

will press the button next to the Options menu. Then navigate to connect to RF strap (heart rate monitor). Put your HR belt and press Next. Then, the HF-belt is located and coupled. For dry skin, moisten the contact area of ​​the heart rate belt / to senders.


Suunto Ambit3: key lock Enabling and Disabling

To activate the key lock, press long on the Light / Lock button.

To disable the key lock repeat


Suunto Ambit3: GPS accuracy / clock setting, recording interval to seekers PODs

You can find this option on the under ↗ .

Alternative route – – Movescount settings – about the riders now is a Watch to find “Go to Clock” with there you will find their sports activities / apps.

Click on your activity, then the rider opens with the settings of their chosen activity.

The following settings can now be made:

Recording interval set in 1 sec and 10 sec

GPS accuracy:  Best / 1sec / ca.20h –  Good  / 5sec / ca.200h –  Ok  / 60sec / ca.200h   and GPS from

to search for PODs: HR belt – Foot-POD – Bike POD – Power POD


Suunto Ambit3: Smartphone Notifications / Smartphone Notifications

Hold the Next button will be called to the Options menu.

Navigate to Connections – Settings – Notifications – Select between ON – OFF

Suunto Ambit3 Communication settings / message filters on and off

To filter use your alerts the Movescount mobile app. On the app on the clock icon in the upper right edge

-anschließend Settings

-there to Message settings

You can now ON – and OFF which app or option Sends them / Notifications messages on her watch.


Suunto Ambit3 place / addiction heart rate sensor not

If your Ambit3 not looking for the heart rate sensor, or it is not found. There are two possibilities that can fix it.

-The used sport modes / activity has no instruction to search for the heart rate.

This setting takes her in the Relevant sport modes / Activities settings Movescount app or

Navigates to the – sport modes / activity – Settings – RF – belt – Selects there or OFF


Suunto Ambit GPS POI position – places of interest – Mark, create folders and rename with Movescount

To create POI (Point of Interest) navigates her through Start / Stop then navigate to ORT – News

now waits until the GPS signal your determined Exact position has (GPS coordinates do not change) and stores these GPS coordinates connect via START / STOP . The current position was now stored under POI.

Navigate to a POI

To call POI (Point of Interest) Navigates her about start / stop to navigation then POI . The available POIs are displayed to you with the date. Selects your required POI and confirm with NEXT .  

Selected link to the navigation screen display with the coordinates of the selected POI. Now you are AIR LINE displayed and the current distance to your POI. Once you your POI approaches gets her (If Enabled) feedback in the form of sound or vibration.



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