Road bike Tires with Reflection

Road bike tire with reflective stripes – RR tire reflex

Every winter comes the winter training again … for all winter sports, of course, but the summer sport to transfer road cycling in the winter is sometimes not the most pleasant. In addition to winter bib shorts, rain jackets, overshoes and thick winter gloves, the visibility and the STVZO are also part of it.

Every year I have the problem that I am looking for road tires with reflective stripes . The market for racing tires with reflective stripes is a very obvious one. In addition, there is the “good tire” again harder to find are like reflective tires alone.  As if it were not enough to climb the road bike in the winter! 😀

Here is a list of racing tires from 23c -28c and related features / rolling resistance (if known).



Schwalbe Lugano Active 25c x 700 reflex clincher

Let’s start with the cheapest tire in the Reflex series on the Schwalbe Lugano Active clincher . This is my first choice as I do not race but I am careful. At the latest after 3000km of the mature but down but the G eldbeutel does not bring a demolition at a price of average € 9.00 . The 25c make the tire shine on all roads and dirt roads (gravel). ” Never before have I had a record” for this tire therefore No.1 price performance for me as long as you regard racing as a pure hobby and sometimes not so fast on the road.

That with the not so fast on the road is also due to the tire as it is the worst road tire EVER EVER EVER in the point rolling resistance.

At a pressure of 120 PSI / 8.3 bar (the tire has a maximum of 8.0 bar) it  has a rolling resistance of 21.9 WATT



The Schwalbe Lugano Reflex in 25c is my personal egg-laying Wollmilchsau. Cheap Putty SSH connection refused ↗ , never a plate! StVZO compliant! But very lame! and must at 3000km as fast as possible from the rim!

Available as reflex in 700x25c black / reflex. from 6,90 €                               


The other road bike tires with Reflex are:

(first Conti / then Schwalbe / Vittoria


Continental Grand Prix 4000s Falke with reflex / reflective stripes

Here you can really  talk about the egg-laying WollmilchsauLong mileage! All weather and reflex stripes! 

With a rolling resistance of 12.2 watts at a pressure of 120 PSI / 8.3 bar , it is not slow!  

If you are lucky, you will receive the Continental Grand Prix 4000s folding tire with Reflex in the sizes 700c x 23c / 25c / 28c. Unfortunately, this tire is very rare or price is in the amount of a complete set of a car.

Ca. ab 35,00€ ist der Reifen bereits erhältlich, im Durchschnitt 45€, jedoch gibt es ihn auch zu einem Preis von ca. 80,00€

Continental Grand Prix 4000s in 25c ↗           in 28c ↗





Continental Grand Prix 4 SEASON REFLEX

Der Teuerste und wohl bekannteste wenn es um Rennradfahren im Winter geht! Leider nicht der Schnellste mit 17,2 Watt bei 120PSI / 8,3 Bar, aber der Teuerste!

Wer sehr viel Glück hat ergattert einen der ca. 80€ je Reifen mit Reflex “ Ja es gibt Ihn irgendwo! “ . Continental stellt meines Wissens nach jedoch keine mehr her (shame on YOU conti)!

In 37c ist er noch auf Amazon zu finden… Hilft uns aber nicht weiter.



Continental Contact Speed Reflex

Die mittelklasse bildet der Continental Contact Speed Reflex  28c x 700cDieser Reifen fängt leider erst bei 28c an und ist für die “Stadträder” konzipiert.

Leider kann ich hier auch keinen Rollwiderstand Test finden. Mit 28c und einen Preis von ca. 30,00€ muss er aber erwähnt werden!



Schwalbe DURANO Plus Smart Guard Dual REFLEX 

Erhältlich in 25c und 28c als Drahtreifen Preis ab ca. 27,10€. Leider schneidet Schwalbe auch bei diesem Reifen in sachen Rollwiderstand schlecht ab, wie bereits bei dem Lugano Active.

At 120PSI / 8.3 bar , it has a rolling resistance of 19.7 watts . 2 watts less than the LUGANO ACTIVE                       but about 15 € more in the price … Vll. is he in the mileage longer …


Schwalbe DURANO PLUS Smart Guard dual reflection strips   



Vittoria Randonneur clincher 28-622 Black Reflex

Unfortunately no rolling resistance data available. Very heavy tire with 510g


Have I forgotten a tire that you like to drive or just know?

Then write in the comment box which is this! I would be glad. 



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