Orientation and navigation – identify march number by bearing

Orientation and navigation:

identify march number by bearing


Method 2: aim for the march number


This method can be carried out when the target is in our view.

We take the compass in the hand and also how to determine the status of all we improvise

read the achievable target with Peilschlitz and visor wire to and the degree paid off,

when we intended target turning the big tick mark on the current position of the compass needle with the north.


run to march number: 

To us now later on this march number to Orient, we turn with the compass (not the compass itself) until such time as the larger line marking and the north pointer match again, the bearing line should now to the first, read grade numbers show and we can until we reach the goal towards the Peilstriches orientation. 


March to march number only works as long as we are in front of the object as soon as we get around the same height or reach an obstacle even behind the goal is a new bearing the march number required!



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