Kurt Albert – the father of Redpoint Climbing from the Frankenjura

Kurt Albert a climbing legend from the Frankenjura


Kurt Albert honored with the Silver bay leaf ↗ , the highest sports award , the one in Germany can get. With him were Wolfgang Güllich and Sepp Gschwendtner this award. 

Kurt Albert the climbing of his time , as well as shapes of our time . After a visit to the Saxon Switzerland in the climbing thing already “free”, he made the decision did the technical climbing leads to a dead end . After this visit to the Saxon Switzerland which the Rotpunkt born climb . Kurt began after this visit i m north of Franconia Jura without hooks to climb aid and labeled by Ascended routes me a red dot at the entrance . This was the birth of the red dot / Redpoint climbing . This method of route markerwithdrew from Franken over the world!

Kurt Alberts definition of Rotpunkt climbing :  

“His definition of Rotpunktkletterns – the fall and rest free lead climbing a route only to natural movements and kicks”


With climbing partners as Wolfgang Güllich, Stefan Glowacz, Bernd Arnold and Holger Heubner he led first ascents, expeditions and mountaineering activities through. 


In Numerous films you sense what a person what Kurt Albert.

Trusty, ballsy, doggedly, friend and adventure longingly.                        

                                                     * This is at least my impression. 


His death on September 26 2010 shocked the Alpine world. Kurt Albert died in a climbing accident in his Franconian homewhile committing the  height luck climbing.

More information about the accident by Kurt Albert, lake Klettern.de ↗ 


Below I am looking for films by and with Kurt Albert

to on my blog Kurt Albert to commemorate! 


 The movie with Kurt Albert, “Kurtl goes west” 

 Kurt Albert alongwith Wolgang Güllich


His most famous movie is probably ” Fight Gravity his” 

In Which the red point climbing is pursued to its origin. 



His load participate in a film Expeditions

 “Raiders of the moment”

together with Stefan Glowacz and Holger Heubner

This does not, HOWEVER, unfortunately there are “free” Who On Amazon Prime membership ↗                   has can watch this on Prime. 



If you still find more movies with and about Kurt Albert

can this feel free to post it in the comment.

I would be very thankful! 

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