Grivel Stealth Ultralight climbing helmet

Grivel Stealth Ultralight climbing helmet


The Grivel Stealth climbing helmet Suitable for A lpine, rock and ICE . is one of the lightest of its kind , if not the lightest climbing helmet.

With an ultra-comfortable carrying system equipped only belts fit on heads of 54cm – 62cm . Grivel indicates One size fits all !

In my opinion the match belt system even better like other closure systems . It is really very comfortable!

Unfortunately, that can strap to the ears do not adjust . This affected but the seat and wearing comfort in any instance .

For the summer, he has great ventilation openings to allow to rest the wind once. To keep a cool head thus falls easier.






To the official dates: 

Type: Inmolding

Adjustment system: belt

Size :: One size from 54-62cm

Weight: 190gr

RRP: 89,90 € (Meanwhile, the good for 60 € to be found:)

Grivel Stealth

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Grivel own description :

Hyper-light and hyper-vented The polycarbonate shell is co-formed on a layer of expanded injected foam that absorbs the impact, with an incredible weight of 190 grams! The design provides the best airflow ever.
A size (54-62) that can be regulated once the helmet is on. The adjustment system stows in the helmet for a compact storage in your backpack or Haulbag.
headlight brackets
Colors: yellow, titanium






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