apps for landscape photography

My top Apps giving me the landscape photography facilitate!

Apps the little helpers you always on the smartphone there! Partly helpful Partially total garbage …

Which apps help me personally in landscape photography I show you in this post.

Solar cycle APP

One of the most important apps for me has become the “solar cycle” App. the exact path of the sun and thus the optimal position for landscape photography can be be determined with this APP. Really very often used by me. However, most of the desktop version.

The path of the sun APP finds its Google Play store at this link    SUN DEVELOPMENT

The desktop version found at


Astrofoto Calculator APP

Since I can remember very difficult for me what the correct parameters in astrophotography are to achieve the desired results.

I have me some time ago the app Astro Photo Calculator downloaded and used with any Star Trail Photo therefore also space. 2!

Very simple: sensor / camera + type declination + exposure time, the startrail Returns length in the recordings. More words this App not required! 😀


The Astro Photo Calculator app finds its Google Play store at this link    ASTRO PHOTO CALCULATOR 



More apps I do not need for landscape photography 😉

Write it in the comment box

which APP you think is essential !!!



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