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The best trail running and ultrarunning movies

The best trail running and ultrarunning movies


Since I myself am always looking for good entertainment and usually do without TV. Come here the best trail running and ultra-running movies that are free for you.

Let yourself be inspired and motivated! 

Documentary report on the marathon of the Sables

WHERE DREAMS GO TO DIE – The Barkley Marathons

Western Time – a Western States 100 Film

LIFE IN A DAY – The Western States 100 mile endurance race

Marathon Extremely 240 km through the desert

(a bit older but very good except for the first 5 minutes)

Zu guter letzt einer meiner Meinung nach Besten Filme die es Momentan gibt ist der Film von Billy Yang 

THE WHY – Running 100 miles






Der Marathon of Sands (MDS)

is a demanding stage ultramarathon organized since 1986 by the Frenchman Patrick Bauer in the Moroccan Sahara. The 230-kilometer track is redefined for each race. There are 6 stages in 7 days: five stages between 20 and 40 km and a stage of about 80 kilometers (2009: 91 km), which the runners have to complete in just under two days (40 hours).



Where dreams go to die

Where Dreams Go To Die is a documentary created by Ethan Newberry (The Ginger Runner) that follows Canadian ultrarunner, Gary Robbins, during his two attempts at completing The Barkley Marathons – a 100+ mile event many consider the toughest endurance run on Earth. Spanning more than 2 years, this journey is emotional, powerful and truly inspirational. Find out what it takes to attempt the impossible and the demons that follow. Learn the sacrifices that come with dedicating one’s life to this endeavor. Follow our intimate look at why The Barkley is where dreams go to die. A huge thank you to all involved in the making of this project. Especially Gary, Linda and Reed for opening their homes and lives to the world during this experience.



Western Time – a Western States 100 Film 

ike Trail athlete Sally McRae drove for the first time the first and most prestigious 100-mile race, the Western States 100.
This short film documents her story and journey to the event, including qualifying for the Montrail Ultra Cup race,
the first 50 kilometers of Sean O’Brien earlier this year.


LIFE IN A DAY – The Western States 100 mile endurance race 

A number of trail and ultra-runners led the Auburn Historic Squaw Valley Historic 100 Mile Endurance Run from Squaw Valley.
Among the 350+, 4 were women for the win and a coveted top 10 finish that is recognized annually at this prestigious event: Magdalena Boulet, an athlete from HOKA ONE ONE and GU ENERGY LABS, is the returning champion and mother of a man who
lives and trains in East Bay, Northern California.


Marathon extreme in 8 days through the desert

Morocco Marathon of Sales 240 km through heat desert and storm




Ein Billy Yang FILM

The WHY – Running 100 miles

Diese Frage bekomme ich oft von Freunden und Bekannten. Und wenn ich ehrlich bin, in den unteren Momenten während dieser Ultramarathon-Events, eine Frage, die ich auch nach innen gerichtet habe. Sicher, an der Oberfläche können Sie sich selbst verbessern, sich selbst herausfordern und so weiter und so fort. Aber je länger ich das mache, desto mehr begann ich, Antworten außerhalb der Oberfläche zu erforschen. Wie wir mit Unbehagen, Unsicherheit und Schmerz umgehen. Haben wir es zu einfach, und deshalb ziehen wir uns ans andere Ende des Spektrums, wo wir auf den Überlebensmodus reduziert werden und trinken / essen / vorankommen? Befinden wir uns in einem natürlicheren Zustand, wenn unsere Welt darauf reduziert ist?



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