Was ist ein Biwak?

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The word bivouac Comes from the French “bivouac” and means nothing more than “field camp” or “night camp”. The term “bivouac” can be used for huts or tent camps.

The word bivouac is most likely to come to our attention in the case of alpinism and the military.

Alpinism Bivouac:

In alpineism, bivouac means either makeshift or spartan. This can be for a covered hut which is “Spartan” furnished. Also an unscheduled overnight stay on the mountain or in the wall during the big-wall climbing is considered a bivouac. Here, bivy sacks or portaledge are usually used. Portaledge is a tent the middle carabiner and fuses is installed in the wall.

Military Bivouac:

The construction and construction of a tent camp outdoors. Military bivouacs are also specifically tested in the area of ​​training in the area. Consists of a dachshund garage (first-tent), sleeping bag and mostly also the famous emergency cooker from Esbit.


For more information on the descent of the word bivouac, see Wikipedia

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