We are the decay of our nature!

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We are the decay of our nature!

By “we” I mean bloggers, trailrunner, mountaineers, hikers and sightseers.

We are looking for the #MicroAdventure and promise us the great adventure.

We are #JackWolfskin, #Mammut, #Marmot, #Salewa and #GoreTex.

We need more energy to recover.

We consume #PowerBar whose production requires threefold of energy such as oat flakes.

We drink #RedBull instead of water.

We advertise in nature to drive around to recover.

We encourage the others to sit in the car and enjoy nature.

We should not apply weekly events to the Zugspitze and visit.

We should make the #problems of our #Adventure s to our #Problems.

We will post the # quickest way to get to the motorway.

We are flying into the #hypten island.

We are not #DonaldTrump!

We know about the human’s contribution to climate change!

We should, however, encourage sustainability!


Here it goes to blogpost sustainable travel.

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