VR goggles – learning and discovery not only for children

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The VR glasses of Blitz Wolf                 was a FULL surprise for me.

VR goggles learning APP for Android Blitz Wolf 150x150 - VR goggles - learning and discovery not only for children
learn through play with Android apps. learn to know the world goggles and the children – with the VR.

VR who has not heard this before, but what VR actually . VR = virtual reality means nothing else like virtual reality and to convey the feeling is real to move in a virtual environment. Currently expected to virtual reality probably find most use in games, PC and smartphone. Well … I, however, play any PC games. So what makes a VR glasses for me interesting? There are many more opportunities as only gamble with VR goggles! Learning, for example. There are ways in combination with the smartphone apps to load. Listing all would now already a very long list ?development is going very fast.


VR – learning and – knowledge Apps for Android:

 The movie fans can breathe easy because it does not have to now be the most expensive 3D television. Also 3D is possible with a VR glasses! To this end, the image in two divided parts and results from the VR goggles again seen a picture. 

Documentaries in 3D:

NASA VR space walk 

or movies in 3D: (Unfortunately, there are not all too many deals in this segment) This could work a very nice example how interactivity in the movie  Space Girl 360   

About the Google Cardboard app you will find many more opportunities VR.

>>>  Click here for VR CARDBOARD app <<<


   Google Cardboard icon 150x150 - VR goggles - learning and discovery not only for childrenYoutube already has long been a chance to see films about a VR glasses. Once the possibility of a VR playing a small VR glasses appear in the lower right area of the video. Even if they are not in 3D, it is an experience, because through the lens of the smartphone transformed into a giant movie screen. Indescribable! Plug headphones Put forget everything else around them and really a movie experience experience.  The VR glasses of Blitz Wolf                    is a comfortable to wear glasses . Padded synthetic leather and adjustable head strapmake it a pleasant time to watch a movie. This I know differently, for example by the Google Cardboard glasses                  made of cardboard. Although fulfill their proper meaningful purpose and also the only affordable way VR, however, were now completely obsolete once testing at the beginning. In the VR glasses of Blitz Wolf                   fit all smartphone models from 3.5 to 6.3 inches . I myself use a Samsung Note 4 and it fits perfectly with the integrated adjustable and Rubber bracket . Through the adjustable bracket also are Lateral phone buttons are not in conflictwith the VR goggles. Preventing off a sudden sound-Leiser and screen.  I can only recommend these glasses and think they can easily keep up with the high-priced models! A real alternative to the brand giants like  Oculus Rift                    , however, this model has been developed for many more application areas, a high-end.  

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Delivery and specifications of VR glasses:

Specification: Brand: Blitz Wolf Model: BW-VR3 Compatible Screen Size: 3.5 inch screens of up to 6.3 inch lens: 2 * 42mm Mitsubishi PMMA Aspheric lenses (FOV108 °) pupil distance: 55mm-65mm focal length: 56-60mm Material: ABS shell & Soft and kEstlicher perforated leather straps weight: 390g (glasses) + 150g (package) item Dimensions: 200 * 107 * 140mm supplied > flash Wolf VR3 glasses> remote> cleaning cloth> User Guide> guarantee

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