Uehlfelder carp trail -Hiking in Carp Country Aischgrund

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The Uehlfelder carp circular route. Frankish idyllic atmosphere together with traditional carp breeding.

Landscape worth seeing. Frankish spruce forests dotted with ponds chains. 

We started with the Uehlfelder carp circular route in Schornweisach and ended this there. However, the ideal starting point is the “stork village” Uehlfeld. 

Up to 64 Horst couples have already been counted here. Along the Weisach the path towards Tragelhöchstädt meanders through the forests and meadows. 

Pretty much in the Middle distance between the villages Schornweisach and Tragelhöchstädt reach. a pedestrian bridge is who has made a beaver to home. In a very impressive way he has enriched the Uehlfelder carp trail around a teaching station. Impressive and in liberated position, he teaches us the most natural flood control and most cost-effective restoration in perfection.Just before the village Tragelhöchstädt but an artificial restoration of Weisach was created. Than would have been planned there to illustrate a curriculum on restoration of streams. Brilliant! But I know as neighbors that this is not the case. However, it is a remarkable coincidence and worth a longer viewing.  


In Tragelhöchstädt a wonderful location with impressive war memorial for a village of this size. Past old farmhouses, the path “the Egelsbach,” a location in the forest Weiherkette meanders slightly over the hill on in. One has a brilliant panoramic view into the Aischtal on the section between Tragelhöchstädt and Egelsbach Weiherkette. Next to the Weiherkette the Egelsbach offers interesting teaching signs and a very varied vegetation. 

The, best, however, for children, the observation tower is an overview of the entire chain of ponds and invites you to linger.  Students who have completed the carp circular route can in www.Brauerei-Gasthof-Zwanzger.de quench his thirst and enjoy a carp in different variations in the right season. Susi and Christian from the brewery – inn – Zwanzger two Frankish originals and the beer is national appeal. Brewery tours are available, please call ahead.  Suitable for all ages on foot and by bicycle. There are only a few climbs along the route.The road network consists of Paved and gravel due.  


Accessible for walkers with the VGN bus line 127 . VGN compounds  parking by car and RV can be found in Aischgrund in the village Uehlfeld the “stork village”. 

Uehlfelder carp circular path (1)

Uehlfelder carp circular path (1)
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