Trekking food from “chef of the beaten track” -test-review experience-

Long time I thought could do without special trekking food! However, there are also situations where trekking food, like this from have absolutely out of line “Chef of the beaten track” justified. Especially people who are on Long tours or even expeditions rely on freeze-dried food. So why should not we? The advantages are  saving weight easy preparation and very long shelf life!



For the full day trekking with food like this we come to a weight of unbeatable  280 grams 

 That would 80gramm for cereal 100 grams of rice meat and another 100 grams for the pancakes

Water   (amount of water according to court vary)

 in KCAL were the 1,278 kcal and 5340 kj  so that one is already very well looked after!  Of course, ultralight always special designs and special types of production right is reflected in the price again but finished this usually.  Compared to traditional department store bags – dishes we come to the 4-fold nutritional value. Means, quite casually said we would need the 4 times more food and weight.  The products cost the cereal even just 3 € on average around € 6  compares If this with a hut meal or a restaurant you realize quickly that expensive these products are not. 

My tip for trekking food is … MIXES easy! 


A main meal with Freeze-dried food is best with the most calories and WARM. 

The rest of the calorie intake by conventional supermarket products such as granola bars with sugar etc.


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