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Torgau the historic Renaissance city. 

1,000 years and a rich history can be seen in the old town of Torgau.

In the history books to find names such as that of Napoléon Bonaparte,

Frederick the Wise, John the Steadfast, Johann Friedrich

and of course Martin Luther’s wife Katharina von Bora.


Holidays and sightseeing to Torgau

Information and Attractions


Hartenfels Castle 

Hartenfels Palace , the jewel in Torgau. Built end 15th century to the 16th century. The structural main performance of the hard rock castle is the Wendelstein . A 20 meters high cantilevered spiral staircase. Renovated in 2016 it leads visitors to thetop floor Torgau s. Proud 53 meters high and 163 stairs lead to the roof Torgau s. The Hausmannsturm  offers a360 ° outlook over Torgau’sold townandthe River Elbe Country, a reward for the hard climb. The Torgau  castle chapel   is worth visiting just because of the international importance of the first newly constructed Protestant church  was personallyof consecrated Martin Luther . The chapel in the castle Hartenfels  remains even with this feature alone standing . No other church  has ever Martin Luther personally ordained .

Castle entrance hartenfels in Torgau 225x300 - Torgau city trip attractions
Torgau Hartenfels s castle. The showpiece of the city on the Elbe.


Bear in Schloss Hartenfels

Since already 600 years, it is tradition bears in the castle keep digging. Should be mentioned  the tradition of bear farming in Torgau . Already since the year 1425  are in Torgau Bears  held . 1452 was first Barengraben applied. For almost

600 years bears “guarding” a piece of Torgau s. The maximum number was 30 , these 30 bears were  kept 1624 . During this time the bear pit was already in its current form . All architectural features Hartenfels Castle enumerate beyond the time frame.  


Baerengraben at Hartenfels Castle in Torgau 300x200 - Torgau city trip attractions
Since 600 years, it is to keep tradition in the moat bears as guards.


Rosengarten am Schloss Hartenfels

The rose garden into terraces landscaped garden to stay the invites . Between lavender,

Roses and tulips reflected in the supplement heyday is not only for residents of the town of Torgau

an idyllic peaceful retreat directly on Hartenfels Castle . The Renaissance garden includes

Water basin, box trees and benches the one hand, the length of stay comfortable making.


Rosengarten Renaissance garden in Torgau with Hartenfels Castle 225x300 - Torgau city trip attractions
the complement between lavender, roses and tulips in bloom time is an idyllic peaceful retreat right on Castle Hartenfels not only for the inhabitants of the town of Torgau.


More information about Hartenfels Castle can be found on the

Information page of Torgau  or on the knowledge platform Wikipedia


Nikolai Church in Torgau 

forgotten treasure in the heart of the city of Torgau. The built in 13th century basilica fell

forgotten their structural origin . A true witness that obviously past.

Who wants to see how churches without subsidies, renovation or otherwise

Conservation measures look should take your time and look at this former church.

The desecrated church is a condition Defective . Not a pretty sight f ÜR churches lovers .

Only the two towers of the former St. Nicholas Church are in Renovated 1994 was, probably around

to preserve the cityscape. History is profane but Nikolaikirche very noteworthy.

In 1519 in was Nikolai Church  (Chronicle)  , the first German-language baptism performed. shortly  thereafter 

Following, however, began in Saxony secularization and thus the gradual decline of the Nikolai Church. 

The former St. Nicholas Church located in the courtyard of the town hall of Torgau. 

Nikolai Church in Tograu 300x225 - Torgau city trip attractions
A true witness that obviously past.


St. Mary’s Church in Torgau

The oldest church in Torgau was the built in time 1100 . Already in 1390 , the church was rebuilt by

Romanesque basilica in a Gothic church . The Marienkirche includes  in addition to numerous

paintings meant the grave of Katharina von Bora , the wife Martin Luthers.

St. Mary's Church in Torgau Oldest church of Torgau 200x300 - Torgau city trip attractions
St. Mary’s Church is the oldest church in Torgau and was built at the time in 1100


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