Torgau city break and landmarks Part 2

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City breaks Torgau on the Elbe 

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Elbe Day

International gained fame Torgau , however, not only of Martin Luther and the Reformation.

On April 25, 1945 met Soviet soldiers with US-American military at the same at

the 30km City Strehla away . On the same day the well is still celebrated today ,

namely 26 April 1945 Elbe Day presented the

two military troops on the destroyed bridge over the Elbe this meet for cameras

and journalists to. In most cases, the Elbe Day is more than a week largely due to the Elbwiesen celebrated.

Torgau Elbe Day Memorial 300x200 - Torgau city break and landmarks Part 2
On April 25, 1945, Soviet soldiers met with the US American military on the Elbe

The oldest toy store in Germany

“Carl Loebner”

The oldest toy store ‘s Germany is also in Torgau .

Hard to imagine that is nowadays even private stores hold

However, this has made the leap. A pride of old , the toy store

” Carl Loebner ”  since 1685 is this load already on the market square .

In 2010 Celebrated the toy store ” Carl Loebner be” 325 year anniversary . 

Gone are worth seeing from 25 € (if I’m not mistaken), the purchases back home sent them. 

elder toy store in Germany in 1685 carl loebner 150x150 - Torgau city break and landmarks Part 2
Charming as the rest of the old town. The oldest toy shop Germany Carl Loebner


The history of the Reformation in Torgau


If you of Martin Luther and hear Reformation is Torgau

probably not the first place you of associating. 

But Wittenberg …  Torgau is not without justification, the

“Named nurse of the Reformation,” Wittenberg “the mother of the Reformation” . 

Probably the Reformation would be without the town of Torgau not gone so .

Martin Luther then received the support of the Elector of Torgau and the population was on Luther’s side .


Quote: ….

 While  Wittenberg  is called the "mother of the Reformation", is called Torgau sure rightly "nurse of the Reformation".
Torgau is the most important Luther facility in Saxony. From the near Wittenberg's reputation penetrated by intellectual freedom
 and critical remarks quickly to neighboring Torgau. Torgau became a place of important meetings and decisions.
Martin Luther  stayed undetectable over forty times in Torgau. The Reformer often came to town,
because not only the elector, but also an open-minded citizens supported his ideas, 
the League of Torgau - - here the alliance of Protestant princes was closed.
Already 1517 took place at Castle Hartenfels secretly the pressure of the Wittenberg theses. 
Luther preached in 1521 for the first time in Torgau. The total population in Torgau acknowledges
to 1522 to the Reformation and the closure of monasteries.
In the rectory of the first superintendent of the city, 
in the winter the Green Broad Protestant were 1527 Luther line
... Source:

***! The insider tip in Torgau! ***

If you apart from tourism a quiet beer garden looking for is the “Gasthaus zum Mühlentor” Your place .

An old inn with charm . In summer , the is beer garden

directly on the Elbe   ( the ONLY ) in addition to the jetty of passenger ships of the same tourist ships.

If you the “Mühlentor” can not find can sure each person to ask !

The first time I came to the Mill Gate surprised me the great beer selection . 

At that time there were even ” Munich Augustinerbrau ” !!!

 ? Enjoy their evening on the Elbe ? 

Torgau Tip The Mühlentor beer garden on the Elbe 300x200 - Torgau city break and landmarks Part 2
So good sometimes hidden not discover him cyclists. The ONLY beer garden on the Elbe. A MUST FOR NICE WEATHER


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