Teufelslöcher / Devil-holes 2700hm over Bertgenhütte

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Hinterthal (approx 1000hm) to the Bertgenhütte (1846hm)

further to the devil holes 2700hm and the

Übergossene Alm (high plateau with glacier)

Hinterthal to Bertgenhütte three hours – Bertgenhütte to hell holes about 3 hours

 From the bus stop in Hinterthal in Maria Alm it comes to the church in passing in the forest. There, waiting for the first hour forest on us. Already here the 30-meter-high Devil holes are clearly visible. The path runs along the Urslau (river bed) until the turn-off to Poschalm and Bertgenhütte passes. Is long in the first enclosure of the Poschalm awaiting a free-standing tree on us where we need to keep links across the meadow us. Note signs on the tree. From the junction before Poschalm it comes only over meadow, pine forest then loose scree. The Bertgenhütte is hard to detect and even disappear after seen again behind a rocky ridge.From the crossing of the stream bed “- Endangered – rockfall area” does not begin alone climbing because of Hochseiler but also because around chamois. Who wants to play it safe from the crossing the stream HELMET ON.  Can arrived at the Bertgenhütte to replenish its water supply again and treat yourself to a short break before heading to the devil holes. The path continues as Alpine climbing and should not be underestimated. Finally, it is then only a trail with climbing stage II + along or back to Hinterthal. It is certainly not a fixed rope  (Meanwhile a rope insurance already a fixed rope …)   Been long at the end of snow Karres it goes up a small fireplace. From opportunities provided to climb the path for me personally not to miss. Arrived in the Devil holes you already stands directly in front of the glacier of Übergossenalm, unfortunately, less and less ice but it’s everywhere. 

Current conditions there by the landlord on the Matrashaus.

He knows his way around and you should pay part as he said.


 Left it goes to Hochseiler (2793hm) UIAA II + (No ferrata) at crossing leads to the Niedertorscharte. Who circled the Hochseiler takes the Duke gate. (For me NO ferrata) http://www.bergsteigen.com/klettersteig/salzburg/berchtesgadener-alpen/herzogsteig right leads with poles marked for High King and the Matrashaus. 


I would again refer you to the side of Matrashaus and this with reprint .

There you can find the best information directly from the landlord!



  • Access Hinterthal in Maria Alm (1020hm) http://www.hinterthal-info.at/.
  • Arriving by Zugaus Germany via Salzburg or Kufstein, Bayern Ticket is valid until these two places.
  • If you drive over Salzburg can there take the post bus to Saalfelden (13,50 € was 7:07:17) and then from there to Hinterthal. http://www.postbus.at/de/
  • About Kufstein is more cumbersome with the Bayern ticket in my opinion. Here it must be switched twice more. – Kufstein -Wörgl – Saalfelden –

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Personally, I always use the card

the Berchtesgaden Alps for this tour.

Very good for the way in the Stony Sea.

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For the High King, there are other cards such as these

  My tour was at that time in bad weather over the Duke climbing and related to weather bivouac in Bohlensteig about which I’m then descended forth. 

+++ good weather photographs of 2017

+++ bad weather photographs of 2014


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