Ambit3 PEAK Review

The Suunto Ambit3 PEAK Review

The Suunto Ambit3 PEAK im Review

One of the most best watches PuTTY Agent ↗ , Suunto has brought to the market. The name of the program is a watch for the PEAK, the summit.

In matters mountain sports (mountaineering, ski touring and snowshoeing) accompanied me Suunto for several years. It should also go many others. By ABC watches (alitmeter-barometer-compass) Suunto Produced for decades I have some trust in the brand Suunto and reliability.

Let’s talk about Suunto Ambit3 PEAK the latest generation of Suunto Ambit series with barometer .

GPS watches are no longer just for the climber but also contact TrailRunner, joggers, hikers, triathletes, kayakers and so, every outdoor athlete coming through individual adaptability of the various modes on its desire configuration. The Suunto Ambit3 series now consists of four models: Ambit3 Vertical, Ambit3 Sport, Ambit3 Run and the Suunto Ambit3 PEAK. The respective models differ only in little things. What but for some activities quite important little things are.

I compare the top models of the Suunto Ambit3 Peak and Ambit3 Vertical here compared (LINK FOLLOWS)


The main functions of Ambit3 PEAK in the overview:

30 hours battery 5 sec GPS accuracy (1 min Accuracy: 200 hours) / route navigation and trackback (Route tracing) / route navigation, profile in real time / Compass / height measurement (FusedAltiTM) / (weather information / heart rate during swimming related to the Suunto Smart sensor) / up activities recovery time / speed, step type and distance / Bike-power support (Bluetooth Smart) / Movescount training programs on the aM / Advanced function settings with Suunto Apps

The decisive feature is not really a function, but the battery -Laufzeit the Ambit3 Peak. Proud 30 days in clock mode and 200 hours in 1min tracking the GPS mode. On top of that the Ambit3 Peak also has a weather warning / storm warning function has the have or another model only in an Active mode even not at all.

Again, for GPS tracking Suunto Ambit3 PEAK, this should be the argument to buy a Suunto Ambit3 and not a Suunto you CORE.Angenommen is on a tour or a mountain trail with 5 days march time. Here you need the GPS approximately 8 to 10 hours a day. This would result in an activity record of 50 hours. Thus, we are on the absolute safe side that we get this tour tracked / Recorded and also in case of a reverse the tour can track.

The storm warning function or severe weather warning is watching as important as the permanent weather the mountains or to check the weather in advance.


Do I really need these weather warnings? Here the contribution barometer or GPS only

Yes No! This is strongly of the application! On mountain tours on which one in the valley is again in the evening certainly not needed to the severe weather warning.

But suppose you climb or rises on one side of the mountain and do not have the weather look so would you pointed out the current weather situation with falling / rising of the barometer to a unusual value (2 hPa). As in the closer Expires you can learn here (LINK FOLLOWS)

Mountain running, trail running and running with the Suunto Ambit3 PEAK

For all activities fast the GPS mode provides a recording accuracy of sec. 1 Of course, a heart rate recording via a Bluetooth Smart sensor.

Tracking and track log with GPS. The usable routes formats are GPS and KML files. The create and import of routes, data and apps is done via the Suunto Movescount App. This I present you in a separate post. (Link follows)

The possibilities to monitor his training know almost no opportunities here. By Suunto Movescount app you can install apps that you the speed average of ads or naturally stretch the distance or the consumed watt or timer or pyramids training or or or. What hours should make it very interesting for all who are concerned about performance optimization.  

In addition, the recovery time / recovery time is after training. The Suunto Ambit3 peak calculated from your recorded data an estimate of the required recovery time. Very useful for people like me a bin 🙂 I like tend to overtrain times. Before that, a recovery time, protect indication unless one considers them.  

Mountain biking and road cycling with the Suunto Ambit3 Peak

For cyclists (mountain bike racing as) there are adaptive accessories the cadence and speed decreases and the watch survived. Here one of the biggest drawbacks is hidden!

Compatibility with ANT + sensors does not exist !!! Only bluetooth smart sensors can be connected to the Complete Ambit3 series.

However, I prefer to bike racing is still my Garmin 800 alone because of the larger displays.

The Suunto Ambit3 peak for Triathlon

For the triathletes of you! Yes you can use for triathlons Suunto Ambit3 Peak. the möglichkeite the multisport setting and easy changing of miscellaneous (up to 5 screens per sport mode) allow adjustment for any sport! Her is particular to emphasize that the stores Suunto Smart Sensor without connectivity with the clock heart rate over 2 hours and this transmitted if again connectivity is!

Suunto Ambit3 push notifications- connection to the Smartphone

Yes, it may not be missing in Today’s Time … The Smart “push notifications” , the Suunto ambit3 row is coupled via Bluetooth phone messages on the clock.

Calls are also accessed with names and messages with text displayed and can afterwards on the clock werden.Wer Suunto Ambit3 wears daily will eventually benefit them but I can can it also gladly do without! However, this has to decide for himself.


The main features Suunto Ambit3 PEAK again at a glance:

Glass material: mineral glass / Weight: 89g / Waterproof: 100m (ISO 6425) / Battery life: 30 days in clock mode / Compass / Barometer / Altimeter / Operating temperature: -20 ° to + 60 ° degrees Celsius / GPS recording in the intervals. 1/5/60 sec maturities 20,30,200 hours / Altimeter: GPS and barometric pressure trace-based / GPS tracking routes / trails / routes deviation warning /


+ Stable GPS / Fast GPS connection

+ Very long recording with GPS possible (200 hrs.)

+ Suitable for any sport

+ Heart rate recording moment during the swim

+ Small heart rate transmitter

+ IOS and Android

+ Operation (who already had Suunto find your way around!)

+ Alltagstauglich (design is a matter of taste)

+ Extremely expandable via Suunto MOVES COUNT Apps

+ Robust

+ Severe Weather Alert


  • ANT + not compatible
  • Expensive heart rate sensor (RRP: € 80) included in the Ambit3 HR versions
  • Vibrating alert (For music lovers with headphones probably essential. For me personally not necessary)


My conclusion to the Suunto Ambit3 PEAK:

Stand: 09.2017 there is the Suunto Ambit3 PEAK already for 270 € including Suunto Smart Sensor.. Who is not level on a modern slim design and colorful screens is the right place for the Suunto Ambit3 Peak. Long battery life in GPS mode. A GPS – sports watch that offers the right application for every sport. Through the expansions in connection with Suunto Movescount almost no limits. The only drawback is the non-support of ANT + Bluetooth and related acquisition of some new sensors. This should be ordered into consideration when buying. A Reliable and quite sustainable watch the in my opinion looks for its same. But if you can do without the altimeter and barometer outside the activity and no 200 hours. required to GPS may well resort to one of the other versions! Anyone who objects from used car is not afraid is also good good advice on the second hand market as e-Bay because the watches are very robust and usually have only small scratches which certainly does not interfere with any sports.  

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