Sea to Summit – X-POT KETTLE _ Ultra-light UL Camping tableware made of silicone


 Three points that should be met when buying a new space-efficient Kochgeschirrs.Bei the research but it will be quickly found by foldable tableware for caravans, tents and comparable Anwendungsgebiete.


The most search results fail because of the weight of what mountain tours after all a vital role spielt.Auch could find no weights in some search results, this usually indicates the fact that it might be a bit harder ? It’s me in finding not only about weight but actually more about the practical application when stowed in Rucksack.Hier knows the problem we are sure to have a pan (we do not 

X kettle pot foldable saucepan 150x150 - SEA TO SUMMIT - X-POT KETTLE _ Ultra-light UL camping utensils made of silicone

want to fix the outside of the backpack) and simply plug it into the Rucksack.

It gives pretty much DEAD room, not all hugs and thus fills the space from.

 This is super eliminated by the possibility of wrinkles. The volume decreases enorm.Die solution of some problem on longer Touren.Für the “light weight fetishists”, this also means that you could use a smaller backpack.



Has a disadvantage of this silicone kitchenware and now but that is not the resistance to “Normal” Verwendung.Sondern that no flames were to come to the silicone. Since I’m on the road not only with gas stove but sometimes my ESBIT Cookset befeuere with wood this could well even cause a problem. However, with a bit of experience and careful when fueling with wood should also feasible sein.Festgestellt I have the shorter flame blows harm the silicone darkened except light / ask fouled. Which gives no impression of the functionality. However, all in all, cost the X POT Kettle from SEA to SUMMIT a little more like other outdoor cooking pots is worth the money in full scope Currently, he is likely to at 30, – € are. (Version 1.3 liters) 


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