Schlafsack Wissen 5 – Die Mythen!!!

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Naked in a sleeping bag or maybe attracted ?!


Myth 1 is probably the most widespread myth at all.


The nude sleeping in a sleeping bag!

 Where did this myth come looking probably no one some say the army has begun … Well this myth has some truth in! However, it depends on a few factors anaber completely naked sleep, however, I would rule out. 


The first factor we would have we press on to the filling together too much clothes in a sleeping bag. This would reduce the volume of the insulating layer and thus also the insulation value. If you is too cold and the sleeping bag stretched at rather close clothes on the sleeping place and under the sleeping bag is thus isolated from the outside and there is nothing of the actual insulation of the sleeping bag lost.

Naked sleep would be in wet clothes recommended vll. Is this so in a Bundeswehr manual? Anyway, I would recommend you wet and too strong to take off Sweaty clothes and for insulation in the sleeping bag to lay thus could be a overnight dry überstehen.Der next point would you get too warm in a sleeping bag then clothes off and see a not too warm wird.Allerdings this goes on loads of hygiene in the sleeping bag and the odor! I will not say it stinks you all so !!! A case, however, there really !!! * Grins!  Imagine it is summer and her love for fresh with your girlfriend in beautiful sleeping bag under the open sky. I need not go into explaining it?

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