recognize thunderstorm time – Correct behavior at Mountain storm

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recognize thunderstorm time – Correct behavior at Mountain storm

No one wants to get into this situation but it can affect anyone .

The risk of hit lightning while being a small, but a real threat ! Especially when mountain climbing, hiking, biking or trail running / mountain running . We are usually the storm defenseless delivered. The risk of being hit by lightning can be , however, by observation and observance of certain rules minimize . First, a brief explanation to subsequent better understand .

What is a Flash:

A flash is an electric charge , the voltages between storm clouds and the earth balances. Up to 30,000 amps can be in the flow fraction of a second . The thunder is the noise which the air in the “lightning” warming up to 30,000 degrees by the expansion outputs. ( At negative flash )

“Flashes seek resisted the slightest.”

Basically, though are all objects such as mountains, cable cars and trees, the endangered protrude from their surroundings . The material is also a very important criterion for the lightning. A flash will be well electrically conductive materials are looking for, for example, steel, wire ties as at a fixed rope route . However, he is also in turn a tree if it is prominently alone .

Lightning also drag thunderstorms with it . Therefore, you may already observe the sky tell if a thunderstorm is approaching .

It differs to between three types of thunderstorms . The most common are thunderstorms and front storm, the third would be the occlusion. ( Occlusion explanation _Seewetter keel )


The thunderstorms 

The thunderstorms (often in summer) you can already see in the formation of cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds which at the top anvil / cumulonimbus clouds have. Already cumulus clouds rich but for a storm!  Then warm, moist air rises unhindered and wins by the cloud formation even more energy and it’s even quicker to the top – in extreme cases up to 100 meters per second . So a giant growing up that  cumulonimbus cloud , a  thunderstorm tower , which can range up to 13,000 feet in the air.    >> The most accurate weather analysis can be found in this post! << 


Das Frontgewitter

Das Frontgewitter ist schwerer zu erkennen meist ist es vor dem Frontgewitter schön und wolkenlosGanzjahres Gewitter  wird das Frontgewitter auch genannt.

Kann vor Kalt- und Warmfronten entstehen. (Häufiger im Sommer) Tritt bei wechselnden Temperatur Zonen von Kalt auf Warm und Warm auf Kalt auf. Daher ist es besonders wichtig den Wetterbericht zu studieren.

When meet two fronts is generally inadvisable mountain tours . If one is already on the way give some clouds ( Cirrus / Cirrus / circus )   indication of weather modification .   >> The most accurate weather analysis can be found in this post! << 



>>Part 2 <<


Correct behavior in case of lightning and thunderstorms in the mountains 

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