Orientation and navigation: Walking with a map and compass / hiking / Marching

Orientation and navigation:

Running with a map and compass / hiking / Marching

 We fold up the map that we have the current location / our way as a map section so with the complete map, it would be to take the north bounded unhandlich.Anschließend map and compass in hand, is best so that the compass does not cover the current position ! the important thing now that the map is always facing north remains, which means that if we reach a junction we do not rotate the map with you, because this would have to follow the map no longer covers the terrain! Thus, it may well (and it will) happen that we can not or only read the writings heavy, it will be upside down or side to us. And when we had to pregivenness road markings, the way lines orientation, the writings we have now in the background. This is the safest way not to lose the location of the eyes! There is also no need to constantly look at the map Cell Phone Number Trace ↗ , from experience, it is best to match at crossroads location.


We orient ourselves on the road network that is marked on the map, and always hold the card facing north. A Permanent map reading is not necessary, only on Wegscheidungen / forks is the position to update and check.


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