Orientation and navigation: Marsch number identify / determine location with forward cut   

Orientation and navigation:

Marsch number identify / determine location with forward cut 


Method 1: Determine march number from map

For this method, the March number determination, we must know our location on the map. If this is not the case, we can cut / down or sideways cut determine our location means cross-bearing.

To determine the line of approach we need to make up our destination on the map / determine if this event is we put the compass with the scale-table on the north bounded map to our destination and turn it so long until the scale ruler our position cuts cuts on this line which our position we draw a line from the target’s position.

Now we turn our larger line marking the compass lid on the current position of the northern nobility PuTTY SSH execute remote command ↗ , at the same time our bearing line shows the compass on our march number.

Note: Setting After the line marking should this not be changed!

run to march number:

To us now later on this march number to Orient, we turn with the compass (not the compass itself) until such time as the larger line marking and the north pointer match again, the bearing line should now to the first, read grade numbers show and we can until we reach the goal towards the Peilstriches orientation.


 Marching to march number only works as long as we find ourselves in front of the object as soon as we deal with at the same height or reach an obstacle even behind the goal is a new bearing the march number required!


Look at the video to march number determined on! 


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