Orientation and Navigation: A map correctly to north

Orientation and Navigation: A map correctly to north

 A card Einzunorden we need a map and a compass. Here, the writing us help is correct to read when they visit north Displays, that are located north always at the top if you can read the card. But in order to properly align the card with the landscape ranges it nciht be able to read the writing, the compass now comes into play. Since the compass needle always points north puttygen ssh ↗ , we can map exactly with the terrain ausrichten.Hierzu we place the map on a background that is not made of metal, and is best removed even large metal objects on our map using the compass needle. We now place the compass with the measuring rule table at the edge of the card or set the scale table to the grid of (from bottom to top, from south to north).

Attention now it can happen through out the we read of our position from the writing on the head but this is not a mistake! An error it would now rotate the map so that we can read the writing again.

 Once the card is facing north of you match the existing terrain in agreement, and we can start with the Orient.


watch the video tutorial and find out how to map to north

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