Orientation and navigation on the basis of Venus 

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Orientation and navigation on the basis of Venus 

Venus can be seen clearly even in the twilight of the moon is the brightest celestial bodies and on a clear day,

sometimes even during the day.  

Depending on their position relative to the sun it is some time to find or (up to a maximum of 4.5 hours) before sunrise in the east in the evening after sunset in the west.

So she goes the sun either ahead of or follows her.

What is important is that Venus just before or after sunrise and Sunset stands and in the appropriate direction and is never seen at midnight. 

That is why it is also called the morning star or evening star. To know when to “expect” the Venus, the morning or evening (both in one day rarely happens)

Venus positions are calculated in advance. See also the list of Venus positions in the Wikipedia



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