Orientation and Navigation: card structure 2

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Orientation and Navigation: card structure 2

 A topographic map is always oriented with the writings of the map from west to east runs, it means the same, too, is if we keep the map readable before us at the top of the map north and forced the lower edge of the map of the south is. A well-known mnemonic or mnemonic for this is “not wash without soap” with this slogan Facilitating the Remember the cardinal points on the map, you start up with NORTH-NOT comes east to the right EAST WITHOUT continue to SOUTH soap and finally MIDWEST WASH. “Not without soap washing” or “Never without soap washing” with this slogan we could us pretty easy to remember that. The line grid on a map and always in the same direction. The vertical, ie from top to bottom, Rules are always from south to north or vice versa from north to south! Likewise, this is the horizontal lines, the lines that run or from right to left and from left to right, they are always in the balance to the east and Westen.Dieses grid we need to align the map using a compass and also to facilitate orientation, since the grid divides the map into different sections / sectors.


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