Oase der Sinne Wanderweg Münchsteinach – Südlicher Steigerwald

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The oasis of the senses in Münchsteinach – Hiking in Southern Steigerwald.

The name says it all “oasis of the senses” a trail that was created very carefully and thoughtfully. 

For me as a “local” of Oasenweg was a complete surprise. Such an exciting and well landscaped paths are rare. 

7 kilometers, the perception of the senses is brought back closer in nicely divided stages one. In addition to the 15 stations such as wind harp, barefoot and the Wolf source, there is also a historical spot. A Celtic Real with a Celtic grave mound from the time around 500 BC was modeled very clearly. 


In addition there are still involves a Celtic tree circle of all native species.Very child-friendly experiences in the beautiful nature park Steigerwald. At 7 kilometers you can spend the entire day. Numerous tables illustrate the stations and attractions. 

An absolute trip tip for all who want to enjoy walking and learn something. Even when wet and rain Oasenweg is well accessible. However, there is no shelter on the trail possibility self. Parking: with information desk you can find trail parking lot opposite the brewery extinguisher on the outskirts of Münchsteinach. 


Bus: VGN regional bus  146, timetable information , VGN Timetable search 

captivity:It’s best to make the trail oasis of the senses counterclockwise from the Steinachgrundhalle.Falls you decide to take up the Oasenweg in another direction please pay attention to the Route (See pictures) this is not always readily apparent. 


Info: A flyer for hiking Oasenweg “oasis of the senses” is available on the homepage of the community Münchsteinach .


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