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It’s just hard to get the runner Po in front of the door. It is dark the sunrise can still wait another 2 hours and it goes to the 0 degree limit. These days when the coffee or tea should be like a liter, just to delay the time to run. Running with headlamp plus the cold are not really a motivation. Unless there is snow or it is full moon but best both together.


Now the question arises to me how do I make the run more comfortable than it is regular.

Here are a few tips to walk in cold and dark.


Jogging in the cold and dark Tip 1.

A good headlamp that does not just light a small cone. The brightness should be dimmable and best have a good bright red light. Red light has the pleasant effect that the eyes do not have to change and thus keeps the “night vision”.

My recommendation is the Black Diamond stream                      !!! A loyal companion for several years!

In addition, reflective clothing is a very useful companion in winter or only at night runs. A loyal companion here is the fully reflective glove from Reebok. He also accompanies me on bicycle rides at dusk and in the dark or in everyday life. Absolutely top.  Reebok Reflective Running Glove                    


Jogging in the cold and dark Tip 2.

Do not listen to scary audiobooks or even hear nothing at all. This has the effect that you get used to the sounds of the night when you repeat it (not for city runners: O) If you’re a runner and want to do   a 100 mile run you should run in the park. But beware nowadays, design should be the finest on the go … bear repellent spray should help the annoying animals.


Jogging in the cold and dark Tip 3.

Get dressed warmer !!! Undressing is still possible. If it does not get warm after three kilometers, just turn around or increase speed. That would violate the training plan and then. Do we have the mess …: ‘(Most practical for me has a small running backpack ( I prefer one of the largest since I also use it for Muntainbiken Grivel Muntain Runner 20                 ) or a running belt ( Here I use in HIGH VIZ Yellow                    ) proved in which the Windbraker jacket can be stowed away.


Jogging in the cold and dark Tip 4.

Reduce running speed. Not to strain the lungs too much. 


Jogging in the cold and dark Tip 5.

Try to carry drinks on the body. Thus, they do not cool and you do not suffer a cold shock. For Camelbak fetishists there is the possibility to buy a hose and extra containers for the winter. I have the StoAway because I often like the tube frozen once.

Alternatively, simply carry the running backpack under the Windbraker or Gore Tex jacket thus cool the water bubble / water tank also not.

Here is the link to Camelbak StoAway on Amazon                  and here’s the review                  . Only the hose makes sense. Because the tube is frozen first. 😉 




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