My Top 5 Movies climbers and climbing films

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Messner  The film

With and about the life of Reinhold Messner .

There is not really writing more …! Messner – The Movie              

With his unwavering ambition to constantly surpass themselves and to exceed the limits of the possible, Reinhold Messner has revolutionized the modern alpinism like no one before. The documentary traces his most important life stages from his famous mountaineer life. In an interview scenes he come himself and his closest confidants to speak out and tell in retrospect about how Messner was to what he is today.


Raiders of the moment

With Stefan Glowacz ,  KURT ALBERT and Holger Heuber

äger of the moment                 

The legendary Table Mountain Roraima in the border region of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana, as it is symbolic of adventure far from civilization and is of breathtaking, unparalleled beauty. End of February 2010, the superstar of the sport climbing scene Stefan Glowacz ge starts Together with his longtime partner Kurt Albert, founder of red point climbing movement, and Holger Heuber on an expedition into the unknown. The goal is clear, the way there is not (yet). How the extreme athlete eventually leads through the jungle until they reach the mighty ship’s bow towering rock pillars called “La Proa” after two weeks. 


Cerro Torre 

Not stand a chance          

with  David Lama

Mountaineer David Lama has one goal: Be first he wants to climb the Compressor Route of Cerro Torre free. The Cerro Torre rises at the boundary between Argentina and Chile in 3000 meters. His slippery granite walls bring him into the climbing scene a reputation as a nearly invincible challenge. The documentation accompanying the extreme athletes in the preparation and implementation of its climbing destination. Adverse weather conditions and lack of experience make the project a tightrope.



At the limit 

from the ” Huberbuam ” Alexander Huber and Thomas Huber

At the limit               

The Bavarian climbing legends Thomas and Alexander Huber “The Huber Brothers”.

Record breaker, first ascent, sympathetic, honest and down to earth climbers belonging to the elite of the world.

Drive to the Yosemite Valley to the legendary “the NOSE”, 1000 meters granite wall on El Capitan, to break a speed record.



Gasherbrum the shining mountain

by Werner Herzog with Reinhold Messner and Hans Kammerlander

Gasherbrum of the Bright Mountain, a film that brings me back to the floor of the facts! To rise in 1984 a documentary film about climber and your instincts to the highest mountains on earth. In this extreme case it is even exceeding two 8000 in alpine style.

Inconceivable a new dimension when you put yourself back to the 1984th

Tired of life, Dead-addicted and what words would not describe it.

Human unique insights that can otherwise by Reinhold Messner does not get to really see. Questions about the ascent of Nanga Parbat with his brother go Messner very deep. Werner Herzog does not cease to questions and asking the questions of the questions. The question can break Messner cry.

See for yourself! The Linked YouTube video is the full documentary by Werner Herzog

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