Merinowolle Alp(en)Traum – ein paar Worte

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Merino wool – The everything could end natural fiber makes the outdoor dreams come true.

Does not smell, does not scratch, cool when it’s warm, warms when it’s cold. These are the known facts about Merino wool.

 The outdoor industry has found a true miracle weapon for the modern athlete in merino wool. Without also report on the problem of breeding and animal husbandry. I think this leads to a blind trust towards farming, industry (manufacturers), retailers, consumer! We demonstrate for a fair milk price. For better attitude of chickens. For cows run free. Fair down.  For fair dealing with each other.  But we would also eat anything and carry it from tortured and comes abused animals . In Merino I see there is a very large gap in the Enlightenment. The attitude of Merino sheep has received significantly increased. Industry not just because of the increasing duration of use in the outdoor. Smells less, regulates heat and and and  in the breeding and also regular entertainment it always comes back to fly infestations on after (parasitic). This is covered in the rule by a doctor, but in the intensive livestock keeping a process called mulesing is applied. In this process skin and meat pieces are removed from the body to protect infestation before Parasitic. This extremely painful and bloody procedure is performed without anesthesia, which means extreme pain for the animals and poses a serious risk of infection.This problem in Australia mostly occurs there mulesing has also been practicing the first time. However, it may come to this infestation in Europe.


What you can do

“… Behind wool further animal suffering as hiding next to mulesing Schur, tail cuts and castration . 

Please purchase an alternative clothing and textiles from cotton, rayon, Tencel, flax, SeaCell, acrylic, polyester or soy silk. … “

Quote PETA:

 Those who are not 10 days traveling in remote valleys. Which can sometimes put a second t shirt. Thus, it does not even have to be Merino!   However, I do not want to accuse here. I know from my friends how much work it is to enforce with products of various manufacturers apart. Tested in the subject on Vegan and not on animals.  However, one should worry … and vll. Sometimes something else on the mountain and sports wear such as merino wool or General Animal Products! After all the hype has always another side.  Although there is now list of companies do not test the “fair” on animals. However, there is shortage in the detection of suppliers of the company. Most manufacturers have mostly silent on exactly where their would be obtained (merino wool). Sometimes for good reason. Sometimes well is also a lack of interest behind it.  Want to know how sustainable is your favorite brand? On have the possibility your favorite brand to be screened again. However, one should directly from the brands again to check . Leave right here on the blog any comment or discuss on twitter with us. 



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