Hive Nivatus Snowshoe – Hike and Drive – Test and Review

Hive Nivatus Snowshoe –

Hike and Drive – Test and Review


In search of a suitable snowshoe for the East – alpine and excursions with my girlfriend,
light low mountain – tours related to steeper, I came across the HIVE Nivatus.
An Innovative snowshoe with fun sport character, walking, climbing and sliding.
The test is of course still out!

Here it is!



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Climbers test 2013: “Summary: A great device for trips where you want to slide down in between shorter sections. Snowshoes meet their actual function, but yet also offer the possibility to slide. “

Frankfurter Rundschau 01/2013 review: “… Who has done this before in the Alps long snowshoe tours, guesses what it is: After the long climb, it would be nice if you could slip on the descent times beautiful. So a couple of bunk spurts – and the skiers rejoice with me! It works out. And not bad. Tips relieve, to their knees, shifting weight … “

This product is a new type of winter sports equipment – a new interpretation and further development of the traditional snowshoe.

It combines the ascent up a mountain on snowshoes and then sliding in the snow in one product. The target group are winter sports enthusiasts who want the unspoiled calm nature, without undergoing any additional costs or lift crowds.

Under the snow shoe can be folded over the toe hole a plate on which the necessary adhesion is for the ascent, forward. This latched there and can be released again by means of the stick. In addition, the binding can take two positions, the rise of position placed in front, as well as the departure position further back. This is done with a rail under the binding. The offset to the rear binding and the toe concealing the hole, creates a smooth surface on the underside of the snowshoe.

The hiking boots can stay fixed in the bond forever – thus the conversion of the two modes takes just a few seconds!

What is to be considered:

– the Nivatus is no “exit device”. It is only possible to slip passages on a tour

– a safe descent required course as with other winter sports equipment, a few hours of testing, a lot of exercise and good body balance control

– the use of the hive Nivatus snowshoes to slip at your own risk

– the hive Nivatus snowshoes may only be used in the snow – not on ice or frozen snow

– these snowshoes are supplied with additional spikes. These can be mounted under the snowshoe quite easy if you have planned a steeper tour or steeper passages downhill “run” must. The brakes work as in-line skates: This tilts to a snowshoe back and thus the steel brake brakes the snowshoe.

– These snowshoes is not the summit of the goal – but the way. It is primarily around “Snowshoeing” – the hive Nivatus is a snowshoes PuTTY direct download ↗ , which makes it possible to slide down some passages.

Key data: Art.Nr .: 5610-0011

Construction: plastic snowshoes (glass fiber reinforced polypropylene)

Application: normal to slightly steep terrain, tours, hilly terrain (not suitable for very steep descent)

Binding: Ratchet Tie – sec. set of shoe size 36 – 46 EU)

Heel lift: climbing aid bracket

Weight: 100 kg

Dimensions: 18 x 65 cm

Weight: 1810 g

Extras: mobile binding, adjustable Abgleitmodus, extra crampons-KID included, ratchet tie …

Positive training and health aspects:

– joint-friendly downhill Come

– total body workout (strengthens the cardiovascular system)

– Improvement of balance and coordination

– improve posture and positive for the Fettvebrennung (about 800-1200 calories per hour)


– Uphill: diagonal stride, double-decker 1: 2/1: 1

– Downhill: parallel turns, sliding with normal pressure on the heel, cornering, braking (with brake)

Operation: – Pull both levers on the sides of the bond up and push the binding simultaneously to the rear until it clicks. Now the grip plate over the toe hole fold until it snaps

– The hiking boots must not be removed from the snowshoe binding for this change

– The reorganization of the two modes therefore takes only a few seconds

– Please make sure that the binding locks always right in the respective position

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