Hiking boots – trekking boots and mountaineering boots – wich categories of the sole?

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The CORRECT hiking boot!

How do you find the correct and what is going on with the categories A, B, C, D can find out here.

The hiking boot – Knowledge Compact

Mountain – hiking – and trail shoes , there are now a dime a dozen. For someone of his first mountain – or in hiking bootswant to buy the market is sometimes unmanageable. To bring a little view into the matter, I have the key facts once gathered for you.

At the beginning we will make the sole us. The soles for mountain and hiking boots are in categories A – D divided .


Shoe – Categories Overview A-B-C-D


category A 

Light hiking shoes for everyday use. The main features and applications are: off forest roads, meadows, dirt roads also Straßen.

how pack light and the plains unterwegsist should this variant of the sole grip . Flexibility differs from the comfort Hardly everyday shoes. 

In summary: good ways everyday,  forestry and rural roads, Alps


category B


Trekking shoes for trips with larger backpack. The sole is already here verwindungsfest.und so provides midfoot stability. Home is the category B in the highlands and on Rocky surfaces and rough terrain. Category B Bergschuh can already Grödeln or crampons (basket weave) is used. However, this is only recommended for short distances. Suitable in winter with thick socks and winter hike. 

To summarize: bad roads in low mountain ranges, easy tours in the high mountains

category C

Mountain boots for steep rough terrain. Torsionally stiff for the conditional use suitable with crampons, mostly with rockers / tilt bracket featured on the heel and front cup tie (semi-automatic crampons). By Modern soles of these shoes such as Vibram be worn while climbing in alpine terrain. Sometimes you will have cold isolated mountain boots for snowshoeing or similar activities in the winter in this category.

 In summary: Heavy trekking and mountain shoes. Glacier tours, snowshoe tours 


category D

Mountain boots / Expedition boots Full- crampons fixed

and absolute solid this category is suitable for ice climbing and is designed for continuous use with crampons. Cold, partly isolated with removable liner. In Hinhaus must ensure this category usually have a hard shaft to the maximum stability. In summary, glacier tours, ice routes, challenging terrain, snowshoeing, (touring)



Nowadays, there are also between categories such as A / B, B / C, C / D ,

these are then designated category across and sometimes in the category direction of small and capital letters such as. c / D here tends more to Category D would

 The hiking and climbing boots Hanwag from Germany has a very nice Visualization created which category fits in Welches area.


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