Goal Zero Nomad 3.5 / Outdoor Solarladegerät

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Goal Zero Nomad 3.5 and Switch / Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Kit

Goal Zero Nomad 3.5 and Switch / Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Kit

 Do you also always the problem that the battery of your mobile phone participates not all day? Or do you like the idea to always have a backup power it? Then this Solar Kit from Goal Zero is a good choice! The Switch 8 Solar Kit from Goal Zero consists of the Switch 8 Recharger along with the Nomad 3.5 Solar Panel. The Nomad 3.5 is an efficient solar module with an output of 3.5 watts. The solar cells made of monocrystalline generate energy even at vinous optimal weather conditions. The Nomad 3.5 has a standard USB output, for example, the Switch 8 Recharger can be charged what. Also, the solar module has a special Goal Zero Solar mini port, you can connect what Recharger the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus. The switch 8 recharger has a battery capacity of 2200 mAh, with which a smart phone (for example, iPhone 5) can be fully charged. TheGoal Zero Nomad 3 5 Solar Charger for backpacking 300x300 - Goal Zero Nomad 3.5 / outdoor solar chargerBattery pack is mainly suitable for charging smaller USB devices. The switch 8 has a practical format and fits into a pocket or bag. The Recharger has a retractable USB input. Herewith the switch 8 can directly, without additional cables, each USB output can be connected to virtually. It is supplied with an extension cord, which possibly a smaller distance to be bridged Conference & seminars the design of these devices has been mainly paid to practical user options and a great design. So the Goal Zero Nomad 3.5 (splash) waterproof. On the back, the outputs of the panel in a storage compartment, in which, the switch 8 can be transported. Closing the Recharger directly to the USB output of Nomad 3.5 to, fold on the module and put it in the sun. The generation and storage of solar energy will start immediately. The Goal Zero Switch 8 Recharger can and the wall socket (combined with a USB charger) to be charged (with a car charger) or through car jack in your car.  

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