franconian outdoor museum Bad Windsheim

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The franconian outdoor museum Bad Windsheim.

Trist, dark and boring  so could you look at the life in the present old Franconian half-timbered houses . The story that emerged thus it is not ! 
On approximately 45 hectares were houses francs collected . At the place of construction no longer wanted and thus to become museum history franc .

It’s amazing what stories the houses and their inhabitants to have to tell . Over centuries be people lived the Franconian houses . Until no longer the investment for modernization muster could od. Wanted .

Lucky for us ! Today we can use this unique built the history of Franconia in original condition marvel. 
Be it a Simple Franconian Farm from the Middle Ages in 1367 built, or a hunting lodge from 1778 .

Now are these Franconian built not alone on 45 hectares of land . The museum has so much history to celebrate and marvelthat they have the entire day in the Frankish open land museum spend can. The cottage gardens before the houses are plantedwith the then typical garden plants . The fields are ordered and profitable for use in open-air museum harvested .


Divided into five modules you will Franconian houses from Altmühl Franken, Franken Regnitz Frankenalb, Main Franconia, medieval city and industrial and technical look. The Breakdown of the outdoor museum Bad Windheim and the site plan can be found under the following link: plan Freilandmuseum Bad Windsheim

at the thought of a museum truly is not always available pleasure.

But just the mere thought of it that these houses once inhabited were and tell stories , what they really do! Dismantled and in its original condition again in built outdoor museum that is already a sensation.

But the Franconian houses history are by far not all what the village museum has to offer .


Crafts from all eras are over the year distributed demonstrated . Be it a grind clog or herbal pharmacy or cereal or or or . 
In addition to these daily actions , there are the big events . Medieval market, craftsmen’s, Franconian Christmas and so . 
It’s really, really, really offer very much .

During your visit you can in between coffee and cake served in the open-air museum and the economy is at the exit to the open-air museum.

I’m excited what knowledge, work  and personal stories in the outdoor museum Bad Windheim are to be found!

“Schaud nei! Des is wos very bsonders. “

Maybe you want a lead in the Open Air Museum Bad Windsheim ?!

The information on the lead can be found at the following link: Guided tours of the outdoor museum Bad Windheim

. The homepage of the Open Air Museum Bad Windsheim including all events can be found at:


Also, the BR has the theme of Middle Franconia and its historic half-timbered houses in the program ” Dedicated Under our sky” . 

The video you can in the library of Ard under the following link to retrieve.  Mittelfranken- Freilandmuseum Bad Windsheim- half-timbered houses

Then I want to tell you a few impressions from the Open Air Museum give to take along.

However, these impressions can not give back what a great atmosphere you are in outdoor museum Bad Windheim!

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