Fjällräven Greenland Wax Instructions & Application – With wax impregnating

Fjällräven Greenland Wax Instructions & Application – With wax impregnating

First ↗ , what is Greenland Wax actually is. (  Fjällräven Unisex wax Greenland                ↗  ) is made of purely natural ingredients .

Beeswax and pure paraffin , that’s it.

Fjällräven holds course be mixing ratio top secret …

Recommended for G1000 materials models of Fjällräven                   ↗

suitable but also for jeans, cotton and polyster .


However, the method is to be impregnated with wax garments not new.

Already our ancestors have successfully applied to impregnate this method.

Positively to the impregnated with wax is not only water-repellent and waterproof feature also makes the fabric more resistant and textiles will keep even longer ..





How exactly Fjällräven Greenland Wax is Applied

and how it vll. is a faster way I have summarized you in the video.

Do not forget to apply several layers so really no gaps.

Fjällraven Greenland Wax Video Tutorial


Who his own Greenland Wax want to mix is quickly found in various Internet forums.

With beeswax  and paraffin wax (Teelichter) in the mixing ratio of beeswax, and 2 parts 1 part paraffin wax .




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