ESBIT Spiritus Trockenbrennstoff Kochset

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Esbit –Alcohol dry fuel stove



Versatile outdoor cooking set for use with alcohol (brass burner) or – optional – Esbit dry fuel (rack included).

The pot of hard anodised aluminum is equipped with stainless steel flip handles and has a volume display.

The small pot, also with stainless steel handles, has a volume of 470 ml and can also serve as a lid. Burner and accessories can be transported in the pot.

Another is firing as a so-called hoBo (wood-burning furnace)


Details of the Esbit –Alcohol dry fuel stove: 

 Weight: 417g Volume: 985ml and 470ml | Packing size: 14.7 x 12.8cm


Manufacturer details for Esbit –  COOKING SET CS985HA

If you are traveling alone, you should look for this compact, Especially light cooking set. The burner is made of brass, The remaining set of hard anodized aluminum. CS985HA at a glance: Made of extremely light hard anodised aluminum Compact cooking set Small pot can also be used as a lid Flame regulator of the burner with folding handle for comfortable flushing of the flame Set stackable in each other Large pot with ml / oz scale With practical mesh bag

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