COKIN Filtertasche REVIEW-Für die Größen A-P-Z _Z 306

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The Cokin filter bag Z 306 An absolute “must have” for landscape photographers who are traveling for size Z. with filters COKIN, LEE or Rollei. Our beloved LP and degree ND filters are not always easy to handle. Traveling above all the way up, trips and times when we will exchange it to the camera every time. The risk of scratches is omnipresent.

A very decent solution offer filter bags like those of COKIN itself. The bag can be with a Velcro strap to attach the belt. Carry through two eyelets and accompanying strap / shoulder strap as Slingbag / shoulder bag and fasten stand on photography. The latter was personally decisive for me. Because the filter is to have at hand directly on the stand an unbeatable argument. Inserting and replacing the Cokin filter is thus easier to much.

Overall, the bag can accommodate 5-7 filters in separate bags plus the filter holder plus adapter rings in the pocket space Find. Thus, everything is in one place, well and safely stowed. The storage at home lends itself well with this bag. the COKIN filter bag can be closed by two parallel running zippers incl. velcro statements. Personally I like it very well!

All in all a very worthwhile acquisition by the well-padded compartments and dust-free storage. Fix the possibility the bag on the stand for the buying decision made easier!

I’ve found you New to eBay . An alternative to the Cokin Z306 ( COKIN A306               ) filter bag offer the LEE Field Pouch Bag                   Lowepro S & F Filter Pouch                       and HEIDA filter bag                      . Look what just yourself better suit you. A filter bag with padded compartments is definitely a rewarding investment for your filter!



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