DIY: Mora Knive – Das Ultimative Bushcraft / Survival / Überlebens – Messer

DIY: Mora Knive – The Ultimate Bushcraft

/ Survival / Survival – Knives


DIY Mora Knive _ The ultimate bushcraft Survival Knive VIDEO 

My old Mora Messer has a proper treatment deserves an “Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Knife” deserves! (Please look at this with a wink, not a knife is secured survive if we do not know to use it properly)

# 1 rust removal:

Beginning we are the good diameter of Moraknive grilled befreien.Dies done with steel wool and water (a kind of wet grinding, polishing more) then even with a steel polish to the surface to get very smooth.


# 2 The burnishing / Patina:

Let’s start with the steel of Mora – Knife’s, for me is a “mora clipper 840” off “carbon steel”. Carbohnstahl in contrast to stainless steel grates, but this we prevent where we apply a “patina”, this method is used method also burnishing genannt.Dieses the create a protective layer on the steel by immersion in acid or alkaline solutions (in my case it will be vinegar). Since I have not the opportunity it like in the industry have, correct with mathematical disclosures and several years experience. I go step by step, a very simple guide before which should come very close to the industrial effect. Step1 here is thoroughly cleaned with alcohol and thus bring residue of fat the knife. The grease on the blade would prevent the corrosion of Carbohstahl s and would cause differences such unwanted thickness and pattern. (Can also be quite intentional wanted eg For Artificial Damask – pattern) In addition to cleaning I warm the vinegar already giving on the hotplate to after cleaning the knife equal to the cooking vessel. Here I use a pot filled water with the cold and put into it with the vinegar in glass and heat the two together at a temperature drop and thus to prevent cracking of the glass, the temperature is between about 70 – is 90 degrees, Partly also shortly before the sieden.Das Heißbrünieren (Warmbrünieren) has the advantage that it forms a More even oxide and much faster way than the Kaltbrünieren at room temperature. A good Anhalt time is 1 hour, 5% acid in vinegar. (I have about every 20 minutes the knife cleaned by scheduled grid and rehired.) After a good result of the patina, it is important to clean the knife back to the Chemical Process to stop. (Alcohol or water)

Video timecode: knives rust free / polishing: 1: 34Patina / burnishing: 4: Attach 50Fangleine: 11:08


# 3 Attaching the fishing line

When the suspension line affixes is considered that we are working on a knife and there is an increased risk of injury! Since the Moraknive Clipper as well as other low-cost models do not allow complete by the handle drawn blade us know the drill through the handle. In the video instead of 11:38it can be seen how exactly the steel through the handle verläuft.Das drill we should perform best in a drill press or clamp the knife in a vice to an uncontrolled turn of the knife blade to verhindern.Die hole we take the handle end before so we the palm rest area not hurt with the rubber and does not hinder us the suspension lines of subsequent handling. After drilling through the handle, the catch line of a paracord (parachute cord) is us nothing in the way to install. In paracord the method of braiding and knot has prevailed to accommodate several meters into the smallest space. Whether one type of these two methods is used is up to them. 


# 4 grinding the back of a knife

 The mora knife has house is only possible on a round back with the use of a fire steel. Therefore, we grind the fair back on at an angle of 90 degrees, so a slight scraping at a fire steel / Firesteel is possible. Another advantage in the Polished trade back is that we can use the sharp edge also for the removal of bark, scrape and use for all activities in which we do not want to unnecessarily burden our blade can use. TIP: If you personally thumbs while often cut on the back of a knife put to thus print more exercise on the workpiece make them a bit unpolished to her thumb from rapid fatigue by Sharp knew to protect. 


(Not seeing the video) # 5 tying the knife sheath

 For a small box or bag attaching etc. I have my knife sheath also find them with paracord wrapped (3.5 meters), the method used under the following link: – – suspension line integrate Fire parking in paracord – – – Paracord Snake Knot Lanyard – knife sheath paracord winding – http: // –

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