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A crossing of the Alps or just overnight to the summit and back down again.

The bivouac PuTTY SSH reverse tunnel ↗ , a climber dream nothing brings you closer to the elements of nature and freedom.

 For me the issue is current than ever already in March 2014 ↗ , I have been thinking about it and researched. At that time the idea was to make the long distance trail E5 with bivouac bag and knapsack drink and food. (At that time there were 3 days I was standing by … it was just too much weight and I untrained.)

Back to the question!

First, we must clearly distinguish what’s bivouac and what tents .

What is an emergency , which is a planned bivouac . 

 When we think of the Alps speak we must also draw considered it different countries and districts / cantons are. In Germany it is not uniformly regulated who how and where to stay and land like entering forest land must.  Special rules such as in  protected areas as bird sanctuaries , nature reserves , and particularly national parks make the law Wirrwar still opaque as it is already. Here oneExcerpt from the Forest Act of the Federal State of Bavaria :  “… right of access The entering the forest for the purpose of enjoyment of natural beauty and to relax Everyone is permitted free of charge. The exercise of the right takes place basically on your own risk (Art. 13 para. 1 and 2 BayWaldG) . The details are in Article 21 et seq. BayNatSchG  regulated. All parts of nature , especially the forest, mountain pasture, Rock, Ödungen, wastelands, wetlands, shorelineand agricultural land , can free of charge by anyone to enter. This includes skiing, sledding, riding, ball games and other similar sports activities in the great outdoors (Art. 22 para. 1, Art. 24 BayNatSchG) . The nature conservation authorities may entering of parts of the prohibit natural or restrict , for example, riding only on bridle paths permit (Art. 26 BayNatSchG).

The right of access  may under Article 22, paragraph 3 BayNatSchG. From landowners by locking be denied , when beaten off, if –  otherwise the permitted use of the property would not insignificant hindered or restricted, for example when damage to forest plantations are to be expected –  it to carry out necessary, for example, landscape management or forestry measures (Art. 29 BayNatSchG)

… “End of quote  Source: ↗


Now we already know that we are allowed to move freely in forests, unless otherwise indicated  .


However, this is not everyone’s law as it is known in the Nordic countries.


About the Wild tents / Wild Camping

in the Bavarian woods following set text is disclosed.

 “… tents and camping The erection and occupancy of tents or caravans in the open countryside outside officially approved tent or camping is more than a ” normal entering “ and is therefore not the right of access (. Art. 22 para 1 and 2 BayNatSchG) covered , This is the consent of the land claimants always required. Who wants to build a campsite and operate (55 BayBO Art.) Needs the permission of the community (Art. 25 LStVG) or a building permit.

… “End of quote  Source: ↗


This legal text is very clear again that that tents and caravans set up in the great outdoors ,

not only in the forest ,

not tolerated is a criminal offense without the consent of the owner is .


Now that is the definition again crucial , as already mentioned upper part we have to decide

What is a tent and what is a bivouac . 

From the transcript of an insurance company shows what looks this as a tent . 

… “ In an accident prevention regulations of an insurer under § 2 definitions to find the following:” (1) Tents the purposes of this accident prevention regulations are building structures, consisting of a support structure and a sheathmade, and membrane tents “

… “ Source: ↗

 Even the friends of the forum ↗  have already the racking head and shall be no clear decision came. But find I personally define the supporting structure with cover very well as a definition of a tent. 

Which in turn would exclude a bivy sack. 


Back to the Alps

and here on the treeline! 

Take a deep breath and then continue to 

>>> <<< In Part 2


The BayWaldG “Forest Law ↗ for Bavaria

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