Bivouac and tents in the austrian and german Alps -part 2- Legal Information

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In Part 1 of bivouac and tents in the Alps

we already had the definition of a tent

and interpretation and discussion of the legal text of BayWaldG . 


What about now with bivouac

above the tree line from !? 


“Basically” is the bivouacing in the Alps , except separate protected areas ( see part 1 ), tolerated .

Especially in emergency situation! 

In a rule , however, pointed out the infrastructure of the Alpine huts (Alpine Club / Nature lovers / Private) 

 to use and thus to prevent intervened in vegetation and animal kingdom . 

So far as is perfectly understandable and face away for our actions in the wild. 


Definition bivouac: 

Excerpt: DAV tents and bivouacs in the mountains “… bivouac for the night without a tent under the open sky or in an igloo (Iglu = lower.  Igloo  is customarily a dome-shaped snow house) A Notbiwak is basically allowed everywhere. planned bivouac is tolerated usually , unless it is in a conservation area take place in which this is explicitly prohibited (in the demand management of the protected area ). … ” ” … Above the tree line andoutside protected areas is considerate camping in some cantons in Switzerland allowed .In Austria are the provisions in the individual federal states differently ( … “

Source DAV:



Conclusion: In any case, we must behave considerately towards our nature . This emerges from all the texts produced and who observed this and unobtrusively and considerate  in nature moves will not upset anyone or attract attention . Thus, no reason to be given to one of the legal texts in application to bring. If you on tours in valleys bivouac want to ask the people who own the land. If you these persons do not antrefft follows the principle: “leave nothing but footprints” in German, “Leave nothing but footprints.”My personal experience is consistently positive. Although I’m usually in remote areas go and meet really rare to others .However, I am also in Domestic forests go. There, I make sure I Wore to behave correctly! For example, I kindle no fire in the forest, this sets me apart from most probably my Bushcraft – colleagues and when I do this once will not bigger as my own and very, very controlled . 

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