Mountain weather – Where can I find the most accurate forecast

Mountain weather – Where can I find the most accurate forecast ?!

To snow layers, the precipitation of the last days

Current and temperatures at the summit ?!


Accurate weather and current temperatures, unfortunately, we are not told in the news and in the weather forecast of the DAV od. PES will not be discussed in the detailed day relationships of individual mountains and areas only a rough prediction is delivered. One of the largest run that we’ve in the mountains rapid weather changes.

To eliminate this danger before the tour, there are many weather services. My weather services that I have for the forecast into consideration subsequent draw.



But my absolute favorite is:

Kachelmann weather offers almost all the data one ever needs a huge selection of readings and climate data!

Personally, I usually nutz the Weather  Tools

of ↗ ( screenshots in German site is available in english )

this page provides all possible

analysis of radar views and detailed forecasts. Just as it should be!

  Among these forecasts, Review and Current values ​​are to:

Wind direction, maximum wind gusts, wind speeds on average,

Temperature 5 cm and 2 feet above the floor 12 hours. Max. And min., Niderschlagsumme 1h. 3 hours. 6h. 12 hrs. 24 hrs. 

Snow Report Hourly; Daily snow reports, snow 12 hrs. And 24 hrs. 

and so on … It really is the most comprehensive weather site I know! 

A graphical representation of the weather, not everyone knows. Professional climbers on expedition receive only those extracts all the important values ​​are displayed graphically and easy to analyze! THe best and most valuable presentation which there is in my opinion!




But what if I’m already on the way?

An ABC pm includes the most important instruments for mountaineering!

Here is the explanation: What is an ABC pm


Behavior and prevention of lightning and thunderstorms in the mountains!

Here is the article: Verhalen During lightning or thunderstorms in the mountains


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