Bergsteigen Praxiswissen – die Bergsteiger Fibel

“Mountaineering” practical knowledge from the expert a book about equipment, technique and safety

of Pepi Stück and Georg Sojer published by Bruckmann Verlag, 2013.

Mountain climbing is a very successful textbook that we will plunge quickly and easily in the knowledge of years of experience.  From the early days and the description of mountaineering we go into the various activities that offer us the mountains. 

From hiking through classic mountaineering (full speed)                   ↗ , the authors also lead us to winter mountaineering and mountain biking also known as mountain biking.After all the activities we discussed what I felt personally very revealing, we go further to a topic that ist.In not to neglect the “Physical and Mental Requirements” chapter us next expected costs and delivery methods, as indicated condition training for mountaineering additional points are like diet and and and treated. 

Rope, ice ax / ice ax, climbing rope, carabiners and much more are easy to understand and exemplary illustrated explained in technical terms as well as the correct use.Next is very specific commitment to the various areas of mountaineering and so with driven to a primer for Alpinehome.

Alpine as avalanche formation and landscape customer, in the tour with einfließen.Bis towards first aid, this book offers everything needed for alpine athletes , sport climbers up to the mountain hikers all basic knowledge needed. 


A very large book in my opinion

suitable for Perfect for people

who know everything would acquire theoretical

To be on the safe side in practice.



Available Paperback                     ↗

and Amazon Kindle ebook. ↗




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