DIY Fotorucksack _ Alternative zu Lowepro, Tasmanian Tiger TT, Montana, Cullmann, Crumpler und CO

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In search of a new photography – backpack, I found only overpriced models such as the Lowepro AW II – Lowepro Trekker and which companies there still are that way.
 So something must be found incidence rich !!!! MOD and MYOG needed! There should be a backpack for Wildlife Photography and Nature Photography / should is not far a military solution stitches. After research and some days the World Wide Web, I found it. As simple as it is ingenious they are correct up to a centimeter!
What it was a joy of yes for mich.Ein US Assault II already an evergreen, and a photograph recording system of a B & W International plastic suitcase WOWSo simple as that! The US Assault II Large 36 liters (The disclosures are available from 36- 50 liters, should all be the same …)
has a dimension of 48 x 30 x 30 cm and the photographing compartment division of B & W international43 x30x12,5 cm. IT fits !!! some velcro strips from 3M keep the fixed entirely in US Asssault II on space and make it very flexible. Clean and removal is therefore no longer an issue.

Alternatives to the Lowepro, Tasmanian Tiger TT, Montana, Cullmann, Crumpler and CO.


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