#Adventure but please sustainable!

#Adventure but please sustainable! Sustainable travel!


First, we will deal with the means of transport and your co2 emissions.

Which means of transport is sustainable ?!


These figures and data give the impetus of how long we are on vacation.

Co2 emission per person on 1000 km in the average value

Aircraft = 290 Kg

Passenger car = 210 Kg (4 persons 52.5kg)

Path = 40 Kg

Bus = 30 Kg


The bicycle is still the most sustainable and environmentally friendly. As long as the journey begins before your own doorstep. Now these figures are average values ​​and provide only a rough overview of the actual consumption.

An unoccupied bus would drive the Co2 emission of the bus traffic significantly upwards so a bus for the specified 30 Kg Co2 must be emitted. A coach would therefore be less co2 than a remote bus. In addition, on the basis of data from 2014, the railways have received 40 per cent of their rail electricity from regenerative energies. By 2050, the railway would like to lay out its electricity reference to 100% green electricity. However, this is still far off.


You see, however, what I want to get out of. In the blog post ********** I have already denounced some things which are however sometimes not to be avoided. However, one can try to persuade the sustainability during the vacation a little. Especially when you are looking for a natural destination and you think it is worth protecting you can make a small contribution. Because if everyone contributes a small part to it is a very large part. * But I do not say that this always folds or folds must I create myself! Click here for the article Sustainable and cheap travel by train

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