6 Important things for your hut / cabin overnight

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6 things that should

not be forgotten

for a successful cottage accommodation.



Book 1. The preliminary hut

It used to be much easier a place to sleep in a mountain hut to ergattern.Heute booming Mountaineering and thus the mountain huts. Therefore is essential so as not to get into the makeshift hut of a reservation today. Refuse you but no hut in case it gets dark, storm or Verletzung.Informationen will huts of the DAV / nature lovers can be found in subsequent links.Der DAV provides in addition to the Web version of its www.Alpenvereinaktiv.de website also one app with all information can be retrieved. Useful in this APP also have the option cards To download and this offline to be used. Huts Friends of Nature  Alpine Club huts Effort should be kept in mind the more people in the group are the harder it is to get shut all under!   

2. cancel the second night

cancel the hut book! Important today as ever before because most cabins require a booking / reservation fee per person or reservation. In bad weather or other reasons of rejection, most huts refund the booking fee to 2 days before Buchungsdatum.Um so as not to lose the reservation fee in time to the hut modest geben.Die individual conditions, costs and cancellation requirements will receive her at the respective country cottage.   

3. membership card of DAV, PES or nature lovers

Alpine Club pass for alpine huts of the DAV, PES and CAI also Naturfreunde.Die most Alpine clubs have joined forces to offer their members Reduced nights with membership card an.Aus several stories I still know the stories that membership cards were swapped to the “at least” 10 save € Additional costs for non-members. This is still not mehr.Mitgiederausweis and identity card should urgently with the backpack.  

4. Payment of the cottages

On most houses, exceptions provide vll here. The fashion houses is paid with cash.  

5. Stay in alpine huts / mountain huts

Sleep in the refuges. The cabins usually have no possibility to wash daily to weekly bedding. Therefore necessarily should take a sleeping bag in the luggage haben.Dieser is the way in mountain huts DUTY. Silk, cotton or fleece are the usual here. The silk sleeping bag makes it the lightest dar.Auch hygiene items belong in the luggage even if it’s just the toothbrush. 



6. Keeping the weather in mind

The weather should be your friend. While there are drying rooms on most lodges but they serve mostly the accommodation of the Fragrant Mountain shoes and not the function of a dryer. Therefore needs to know the weather report and if necessary also rain gear in your backpack to haben.Meine recommendation for a good and to reliable weather forecast is the site of Jörg Kachelmann of very accurate predictions and offers a Detailed Weather offering in contrast to the usual weather providers.


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