360 ° exhibition Luther in Wittenberg in 1517

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The Yadegar Asisi 360 degrees exhibition Luther 1517

Spectacular, consuming too much?

 A life-size hidden object. Has housed impressive as many scenes the artist Y. Asisi in his “work”.

 Who does not know the way of the processing will be surprised how the artist this panorama created. 

The base combines photography with digital photomontage. Impressive no doubt. 

House High is the panorama, unfortunately this can also detect errors. Better that the artist would have noticed a few places left empty instead of deep sharpen errors and pattern repeats. This reminds me particularly on because I look for it. Unfortunately, I come from the sector of post production and have been working for 10 years now precisely to avoid such errors. 


Luther 2017 Asisi exhibition My conclusion:Look at the panorama in the entrance only at the end of !!! (Installation in the wrong position)

Despite technical error in the digital photomontage, absolutely worth a visit!

 Alternative to such installations are 360 ° images on the VR goggles!Link.  

However, the Amazon 360 ° exhibition to be far more interesting.  


Adults: 11 € Children: 4 €  Small cafe 2.50 € Big Coffee 3,50 €  

…..When I mention at artinstallations and talk about coffee prices … 😉 

greetings love … 

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